Making your Yearbooks – A Step-by-Step Guide for Editors

1. Set up your book at (2 Minutes)

To get going, you’ll need to create your yearbook online. This is where you let us know the name & other details of your school, and choose design options etc (these can be changed later).

2. Add your additional pages – Polls, Montages & Articles (5 minutes)

This is a good thing to do before everyone has joined, so that the book’s all set up for people to add to. Polls especially are good to add as soon as you can, so that people can vote in them right away.

3. Invite everyone to join the Yearbook (5-10 minutes).

If you have everyone’s email address, you can copy a list onto the website and invite them all in one click. Alternatively, you can invite people with Facebook, or distribute a unique Keyword that can be used to join the book.

4. Gather content & add your own (1 week – 1 month).

This is when your book will really come alive! Be sure to upload lots of photos, and to encourage everyone else to do the same. When everyone is writing on each other’s page and adding their photos from over the years, you’ll really start to feel the book coming together. As the editor, you’ll have lots to keep you occupied, and it’s important to make sure your page isn’t left out, so be sure to fill your own profile in as well!

5. Complete the finishing touches (1-2 weeks).

As the Editor, you’ll be able to set yourself a later deadline for finishing everything online. You can use the time to moderate the content of everyone’s page, rearrange the photos in a montage, or make sure nobody has forgotten to complete their profile. You can also add the final things like your school’s logo, and confirm the text and colours for your cover.

6. Submit your book! (5 minutes)

This is how you tell us that you’ve finished. The website will run a quick check to make sure there’s nothing missing and that all your photos are up to scratch. Once you’re happy with everything, you can click ‘Submit’ to finish your book. You can also confirm the number of copies you’d like to order at this point.

7. Review the proof & pay (1-2 weeks)

After you’ve submitted the book, we take over and design your book for you. We’ll email it to you so that you can check it over and request any changes. By this point we’ll have sent you the invoice for the Yearbook as well. We will need to have received payment for the books before we print them, so make sure to arrange it as soon as you can to avoid delaying the delivery.

8. Wait excitedly… (2-3 weeks)

Once you’ve approved the proof of your book and we’ve received payment, we’ll send them off to our printers!

9. Receive your books!

Your books will be delivered by Courier between 9am and 5pm on your delivery date.