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  • You don’t have to decide a price / configuration until just before your books are printed, and you’re always in control.
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Pricing Explained


The base price is calculated from the number of people in the yearbook, the size of their profile pages, and the total number of copies being ordered. While having more people in your yearbook will increase the number of profile pages needed, it won’t significantly increase the price so long as you also order more copies. If you order the same number of copies as there are people in your book, the base price is normally around £11.50 per book for half-page profiles, £17 per book for one-page profiles and £22.50 for two-page profiles. The base price also covers the 10 Standard pages included in every book.


Articles, montages, polls pages, section dividers, self-designed pages and extra notes pages are all classified as additional pages. Additional pages start at 10p per page, but become cheaper per page as you increase the number of additional pages.


A softback cover is included in the base price, but hardback covers cost £4.50 more per book and leatherette covers cost £7 or more per book, depending on the number of copies ordered.


For an extra special something, your yearbooks can also include printed or coloured front or back endpapers (£2 each), ribbon markers (50p each), or rear cover foil stamping (£2).


Although it might seem confusing at first, our pricing structure gives you maximum flexibility to only pay for exactly what you want in your yearbook, with no hidden fees or extra charges. Your total price is always visible to you while making your book and you don’t have to commit to an exact specification until it’s time to print - meaning that it’s easy to stick to a budget by changing the configuration accordingly.


You can bring down the cost of your yearbook even more by including sponsored pages or adverts paid for by local businesses, companies looking to recruit or your school’s development office.