Within 5 working days from submitting your yearbook, you will receive the first proof copy to review.

An email will be sent to you advising that the proof is ready to view, containing a link to the proofing system:

Proof Ready Email

Clicking on this will take you into the proof review system:

Proof Review Page

Viewing your proof

In the top section, you can download each part of the proof as a PDF. The Cover and main section of the book will always be separate, and if you have ordered printed Endpapers, these will also be separate files. If Yearbook Machine have any comments regarding the proof, these will be displayed here.

If you have requested a Leatherette cover, the proof for this will be white, with black text, showing where the foil stamping will be placed on the material you have selected.

The next section of the page will state whether Official Approval of the book has been given – you can read more about this in the next section of this chapter.

Approval and Changes

The two options below allow you to either approve the yearbook for print, or request changes to the proof.

If you choose to approve it, then you’ll be asked to confirm that you are 100% happy for the latest proof to be printed. No further changes can be made after this point, so please do make sure you have thoroughly checked the proof before confirming:

Approve for Print?

If you choose to request changes, the bottom section of the page will change to provide a comments box:

Request Changes

In this box, you can detail the changes you’d like to request in comments of up to 500 characters. You can upload files if need be. You will need to state the page to which the change should be applied. It’s best to enter each change as a separate comment, to ensure they can be actioned quickly by Yearbook Machine.

When you have entered all the changes you’d like, click ‘Request Changes’, and confirm that you want to return the proof to us for alterations:

Confirm Request Change

You will need to confirm this to ensure we are notified of your changes.

Once the changes have been requested, we will aim to return a new version to you within 4-6 working days. As with the first proof, you’ll receive an email to alert you when the new proof is ready.

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