When you submitted your yearbook, you let us know if you needed a staff member from your school to approve the yearbook. If you do not need this, you can skip this section.

If you did nominate someone to provide Official Approval, they will receive a separate email when you submit the book advising that they have been selected to provide Official Approval.

They will be able to download the proof to review it. They can then provide approval if they are happy to.

If they wish to request changes, they will be given instructions to contact Yearbook Machine and request these. Once Official Approval has been granted you will be notified and the status will update in your Order summary page.

If you haven’t nominated someone for Official Approval or there isn’t a teacher listed as an editor in the book but we think we will need Official Approval, we’ll reach out to you to request an email address of a teacher at the school. We’ll send them the proof via email and require written confirmation of their approval or any desired changes.

If providing an Official Approval email isn’t possible due to the school’s preference not to be linked to the yearbook, we can turn your book into a non-school book. This entails removing the school name and logo. Following this change, Official Approval for the yearbook will no longer be necessary.

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