Chapter 5: Completion

Submitting your yearbook

In this article: Proof reading Submitting your yearbook Final Agreement Submission Once you’ve collected all the content for your book, you’ve placed all your photos and you’re ready for us to take over, you’ll need to Submit your book to us. ‚Äč Proof reading Before you submit, you’ll probably want to proof read the content […]

Proofing your yearbook

Within 5 working days from submitting your yearbook, you will receive the first proof copy to review. An email will be sent to you advising that the proof is ready to view, containing a link to the proofing system: Clicking on this will take you into the proof review system: Viewing your proof In the […]

Get your staff approval

When you submitted your yearbook, you let us know if you needed a staff member from your school to approve the yearbook. If you do not need this, you can skip this section. If you did nominate someone to provide Official Approval, you can see whether this has been granted in the Proof Review page: […]

Check your order

At any time after you have submitted your yearbook, you can visit your Order Summary page to check on the order progress, and ensure the details are all correct: Progress The top section shows you the stage your books are currently at – Design, Review or Print. The lower half of the page shows the […]


After you have submitted your yearbook, an invoice for the final balance of payment for your books will be sent to the main editor. It can also be downloaded from your Order Summary page, which will show the status of the payment for the yearbook, letting you know whether we have received this or not. […]

Printing your yearbooks

In order to send your yearbooks to print, we will need the following: Approval of the proof Staff approval (or confirmation that this is not required) Payment in full (or an official Purchase Order from your school) Delivery address – If an address is not provided, we will send your books to the school by […]