Once you’ve completed your profile and you’re happy with it all, you can choose to Submit it.

This has two benefits – it prevents any further changes being made, and it lets your Editor know that you’ve finished.

To submit your profile, click Submit Page in the top right corner of your profile:

Profile Submit Button

The box that appears will run a check on your profile page to make sure there are no issues with it, such as too much or too little text having been selected, or not enough photos having been placed:

Submit Profile - Issues

Some issues (too much text, or no photos) will prevent you from Submitting your page, so they must be addressed before you can Submit. Other issues are advisory, however we strongly recommend resolving them to ensure your printed profile looks as good as it possibly can.

If you are 100% happy with the content and photos on your Profile page, then click Submit. The page will refresh, with a message at the top confirming that your profile has been Submitted. You will not be able to make any further changes while your page is Submitted.

You can, however, choose to Unsubmit your page, should you wish. The Unsubmit button can be found in the same place as the Submit button.

You do not need to submit your page for it to be included in the Yearbook, or for the content you’ve selected for print to be Printed

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