Chapter 2: Interacting with other people

Finding other people’s profiles

In order to write messages to other people, you’ll need to find their profile. If you know exactly whose profile you want to find, the best way to do this will be to use the search bar at the top of the page: Start typing their name, and select the page you want to go […]

Friends Say & Friends’ Comments

In this article: Friends Say Friends’ Comments Writing on Friends’ Profiles ‚Äč Friends Say You can respond to the Friends Say section on another person’s profile in much the same way you add content to your own profile: Click underneath the heading you want to respond to, type your answer, and Save. To edit a […]

Uploading Photos

In this article: Direct Upload Facebook Import Dropbox Import Email to Yearbook Deleting Photos Uploading Photos You can access the Photo Upload feature by clicking ‘Photos’ in the black bar on the left of the page: This will take you to the page below, where you can click ‘Add Photos’ to activate the Photo Upload […]