Chapter 1 : Joining the yearbook and completing your profile

Signing up

In this article: Joining using an email invitation Joining using a Facebook invite Sign in with keyword Joining a yearbook To take part in a yearbook, you’ll first need to be invited by one of the Editors. There are three ways you can be invited – receiving an Email, being invited by Facebook, or by […]

Completing your profile

In this article: Details About Me Friends Say Friends’ Comments Your Profile Page When you have registered and signed in, the first thing you should do is start to fill in your Profile page. Your profile page is where you can enter everything that will appear on your profile in the printed Yearbook. You can […]

Your printed profile page

In this article: Choosing the text that will be printed Line counts Picking the photos to be printed Placing your photos onto your profile Framing your photos Print Preview Your Printed Page Once you have filled all the content on your online profile page, you’ll need to select what will appear in the printed book. […]

Submitting your profile

Once you’ve completed your profile and you’re happy with it all, you can choose to Submit it. This has two benefits – it prevents any further changes being made, and it lets your Editor know that you’ve finished. To submit your profile, click Submit Page in the top right corner of your profile: The box […]