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Adding a Polls Page
Placing your polls
Assigning photos to Polls

Polls Pages

To include the Polls you’ve added to the online system in the printed yearbook, you’ll need to add Polls pages to place them on. ​

Adding a Polls Page

To add a Polls Page, click the ‘Add Page’ button at the end of the section you would like the page to be in, then select ‘Polls’ from the tray.

The first time you view a Polls page, you’ll see this page:

First Polls Page Visit

Placing your polls

Each Polls page can hold up to three Polls, with space for a photo of the winner next to the chart depicting the results. A printed Polls page looks more or less like this:

Example Polls page

To place the Polls on the page, click inside one of the frames, and select the Poll from the list:

Placing Poll 1

The chart showing the results will appear, as well as a photo frame on which you can click to choose the photo to be displayed alongside it:

Placed Polls on Polls Page

Click each Poll slot to assign a Poll to it. Polls that you’ve already assigned won’t be listed, making it easy to keep track of those you’ve already chosen.

If you wish to change the placement of a Poll, just click ‘Remove Item’ below it, and choose the new Poll to place there instead.

Polls that have been placed will update as the results change, or even if the question is amended, so you don’t have to wait until all the votes are cast before choosing what page a Poll appears on. You might want to wait before choosing the winner’s photo though! ​

Assigning photos to Polls

Click the Photo box to choose the source of the Poll image:

Upload Photos Box Polls Page

Upload an image from your computer

If you choose this option, you’ll be shown a box that will let you select the file you want to upload. Choose the image and click ‘Upload’.

Uploading an image this way will automatically Link the photo to that page. ​

Select from photos already linked to this page

Selecting this will show you thumbnails of all the photos linked to the page. If a photo has already been placed, then a message will be overlaid on top of it to say so.

A checkbox in the top right will allow you to hide any photos that have already been placed.

Click the photo you want to use to select it. ​

Select photos from other pages of the Yearbook

Here you can browse the other pages in the Yearbook, and see the photos linked to them. You can scroll through the available pages using the arrow at the bottom of the dialog box, or the numbers on the right hand side of the box.

Once again, you can hide photos that have already been used. Click the photo you want to select it. ​

Uploaded by me

Use this option to see all the photos you’ve uploaded and click to select the one you want to use.

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