Chapter 2: How to add content and make your book

Adding Photos

In this article: Direct Upload Facebook Import Dropbox Import Email to Yearbook Deleting Photos Adding Photos You can access the Photo Upload feature by clicking ‘Photos’ in the black bar on the left of the page: This will take you to the page below, where you can click ‘Add Photos’ to activate the Photo Upload […]

Linking and editing pictures

In this article: What is Linking? How to link Unlinking Editing Photos Linking and Editing ​ What is Linking? Linking works a lot like ‘tagging’ on Facebook or Instagram. You can Link a photo to the Profile page of everyone in it, for example, or if you have a lot of photos of an event, […]

Making Montages

In this article: Adding a new Montage Adding Photos to a Montage Placing photos Adjusting photos in a montage Adding captions Changing the template Overview tab Montage Pages Photo Montages are used to display photos in your Yearbook. They can hold between 1 and 50 photos in a variety of sizes, designs and layouts. ​ […]

Making Article Pages

In this article: Adding an Article page Adding Photos to your Article Placing Photos Adjusting Photos Adding text to your Article Body Text Heading Subheading Captions Changing the Article Template Overview Article Pages Articles are pages made up mostly of text, with a photo or two to illustrate. They can be about anything you like […]

Custom Pages

In this article: Designing Your Page Importing Your Design Multipage PDFs Fitting The Design To The Page

Adding Polls Pages

In this article: Adding a Polls Page Placing your polls Assigning photos to Polls Upload an image from your computer Select from photos already linked to this page Select photos from other pages of the Yearbook Uploaded by me Polls Pages To include the Polls you’ve added to the online system in the printed yearbook, […]

Section Dividers

In this article: Designing your Section Divider Previewing your dividers Section Dividers A Section Divider is a double page spread at the beginning of each new section – think of it a bit like a chapter heading. To add a new section click one of the ‘Add Section’ buttons located between existing sections in the […]

Notes Pages

Notes pages are pages otherwise empty pages with your book’s logo watermarked in the background, with the heading Notes at the top of it. They cannot be edited or altered in any way. All our Yearbooks come with three free Notes pages included, so you probably won’t need to add any more. Clicking a Notes […]