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Yearbook Machine is a complete solution for making beautiful secondary school and high school yearbooks. We provide a fun online system that works like a social network and lets you collect memories and photos with your friends. Our designers then take what you’ve put online and use it to create a book that’s customised to you. With over 20 style options, endless customisability and great customer support, Yearbook Machine is the best choice for making high school yearbooks.

Made Online

All the data for your school yearbook is collected online, in your own private social network. It’s fun to use, so everyone gets involved without much persuasion required, and it’s packed with powerful features designed to make your yearbook experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

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To You

We customise each book by hand, matching the colour scheme and style throughout, designing individual article pages around your text and photos and adding your logo if required.

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The Best Designs

Our graphic designers work all year round to perfect our portfolio of school yearbook page designs. School yearbooks from Yearbook Machine are attractive, easy to read and structured to present the most interesting content in the most insightful way.

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In the weeks of our book’s production, Yearbook Machine became the most trending website on our school’s internet system, beating even Facebook and Wikipedia. Forget expectations entirely – everyone was happy with the final result and every student joined in – leaving us with an end product to keep for the rest of our lives.
Maddie P.
Sevenoaks School
Yearbook Machine is incredible: it allowed us to get 300 people to make their profiles in a very short space of time, along with articles and anything else you would want. It was so simple, and the company were willing to adapt to our every need to make it perfect. We are all ecstatic with our shiny new books, and everyone has said they will keep them forever.
Mattie B.
Durham University
At first, the package offered by Yearbook Machine seemed too good to be true. Eventually, however, their down-to-earth approach and willingness to help in any way they could put my mind at ease. This was topped off by a finished product that is incredible to look at, hilarious and touching to read and was so easy to create that it left me free to concentrate on my final end-of-year exams.
Roger C.
Sidney Sussex, Cambridge

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