Introducing…. Storefronts

We are always looking for ways to improve the yearbook process for editors, and the introduction of storefronts is designed to make your job as an editor even easier. Developed, tried and tested during lockdown, the storefront option is now ready for wider release.

Storefronts are a new payment method for your yearbooks (and hoodies!) where each student, parent or teacher can head to your school’s unique storefront link, choose their yearbook and hoodie and pay for their order. Each storefront is unique and customised to your school, and will use your exact book cover and hoodie design.

Why storefronts?

During the school closures last academic year, it became really clear that a way to collect and keep track of yearbook payments would be of help to yearbook editors. Within a couple of weeks, storefronts were created.

Storefronts bypass the need for any help from school bursaries or accounts offices, which can sometimes help speed up the process – there’s less paperwork, and everyone pays directly. Students can log on and pay from anywhere, on their phone, laptop or tablet.

We also know from feedback over the years that this would be a helpful permanent feature – not just useful during current circumstances created by the pandemic!

How can I get a storefront?

Any book can use our new storefront feature – just get in touch with us at, or send us a message in your book chat.

We’ll need a few details to get your storefront ready to go – your estimated order quantity, whether or not you’ll need individual delivery, and if yes, we’ll need to know if any books are going to international addresses. This information will help us to calculate your storefront book (and hoodies, if applicable) pricing. 

When we set up a storefront, your book price will be set in advance – even though we will not know for sure the number of copies you will need. Because of this, we need you to estimate as closely as possible to the number of copies you will sell. Before asking for a storefront, it’s a great idea to survey your year group, uni class or organisation to get an idea of exactly how many people would like a yearbook. 

Does a storefront cost anything to use?

No! Even though we will be setting your book and hoodie price in advance, we don’t charge to use the storefront feature. To underwrite your book price, we’ll either take a deposit or ask you to round your book price up in order to cover any difference in price caused by anyone dropping out of the order at the last minute.

If more orders are collected than the amount you’ve estimated, we’ll refund yearbook editors the excess. This can then always be put towards other leavers events, or refunded back to students.

If you have any questions about storefronts, our team is happy to help. Give us an email on, or give us a call on 02033972699.