Main Editor 101 – Making a Start on Your Yearbook

Every year it arrives the same – the leaves turn gold, the nights get darker and the air gets chilly.
Autumn? Yes! Halloween? Yes!  But more importantly – a new season of yearbook making begins.
Batches of sample books get sent out, our postman starts to hate us and we get to start helping you put together your books for the year.

It’s signup time.

So, you’re all signed up – where do you make a start?

Like most good ideas, your book needs a structure to hold it together.

As as a main editor, your best bet is to first piece together the bones of your book – setting up section dividers, putting articles and profiles into place, and deciding (roughly!) where everything should go. Don’t worry – you can always change things around later if you’re not completely happy.

You can do this from our handy page manager screen; or, if you’re the type that likes to put pen to paper, you could plot out your book as a storyboard to decide what’s going where. Then, when you invite people to join your book, they just have to fill out the space you’ve already allocated to them, and you won’t have to worry about moving things around.

Don’t do it alone!

It’s always better to share your workload. Ask friends for help, or put together a yearbook committee so you can allocate out tasks between you and vote on the important stuff.

And we’re always here to help. Find yourself stuck on our website? Send us a message on chat and we’ll do our best to help talk you through. Or feel free to email us at or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3397 2699.

Find inspiration!

If you’re stumped at which design to choose, or which cover to pick, there’s lots of places you can turn. Look around your school for inspiration, or maybe use your organisation’s colours as a starting point. Lots of groups have a logo which you could feature, or if you’re artistic – draw your cover! (Trust us, there’s been some good ones).

Our Instagram is a great place to see examples of our favourite covers in past years (find us @yearbookmachine), and we have heaps of designs, layouts and colour schemes for you to take a look at on our Pinterest. Or, request a sample book by clicking here – it’s a handy way to see most of our designs in one place.

And lastly – keep an eye on our blog! We’ll be posting tips, tricks and behind-the-scenes look at your yearbook all year. We’ll be with you from start to finish, from the cover until the very last page.