Hello World


This is the first post of the all-new Yearbook Machine Blog. We’ve had a blog of some form since 2010 but I have never been completely happy about what has been on it, so we start 2016 with a clean slate for what we hope will be a genuinely interesting and useful resource. We plan to regularly write posts on a variety of topics, including:

  • New features of our software and books. We do already keep extensive support documentation online to help our customers to use our system, but we make improvements all the time and we feel that our customers would benefit from being told about these developments as they are released. Readers will also be able to look back through a history of changes to better understand the benefits of our system and approach.
  • Important company news. Sometimes things happen at Yearbook Machine that are probably worth mentioning. For instance, we moved office three times (and domain name once) last year – we’re hoping to calm down a bit on that front from now on but information like this is relevant to our customers, suppliers and visitors.
  • General interest topics of relevance to our industry and customers.

We have also begun updating our pages on social networking sites more frequently, with a more coherent approach that will hopefully provide more benefits to customers. To learn more, check out our boards on Pinterest, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I am personally excited to begin this new chapter in the story of Yearbook Machine. Until now we have been rather quiet in our approach to public relations, so I hope that these new resolutions will lead to us being able to have more productive and engaging discussions with those we do business with.

If you have any questions or feedback, please do get in touch using the comment form below or by email at hello@yearbook.com.

Dan Barker
Founder and CEO, Yearbook Machine