Staff messages?

For any page that will need to look like a letter, message or foreword, an Article will be the best type of page to use. You will be able to select the layout you want to use, then fill the space with text and a photo or two (if you want these).

An advert from a sponsor?

If you’ve been given a file to use as an advert by a sponsor or patron, the best page type to use will be a Custom page. This allows you to directly upload the file and use the advert exactly how it’s been given to you.

For adverts that don’t take up the whole page, consider a Photo Montage page, which allows for multiple photo files in a set layout. We have a number of templates with 2-3 frames of equal size that would work well for this purpose.

A word document?

Any page that is just text and photos will be best added as an Article page. Our various templates will allow you to pick the layout that best fits the original document, and ensure it all fits in with the yearbook’s style.

A drawing someone has made?

If the drawing (or painting) needs to cover a whole page or double spread, you’re best off scanning it in and uploading the file as a Custom page.

However, if the image is going to be part of a showcase of a number of drawings, sketches or paintings, consider one of our Photo Montage layouts.

A double page photo

If you want to make the photo a prominent feature of the yearbook, you could choose to use it as a Printed Endpaper. This will print the photo on glossy photo paper on the inside front or back cover of your book. You can add Endpapers to your book for just £2 in Settings, under the Specification tab.

Alternatively, Custom Pages will be the best type of page to use to add the photo within the book itself – the uploader will automatically detect that it covers two pages for you.