Yearbook Pages

How do I move pages?

Non-profile pages These can be moved by clicking and dragging them within the Pages manager: Profile pages Profiles are automatically arranged alphabetically by Surname within the section they’re placed in, so cannot be moved to a different order. You can change what section a profile appears in by clicking the edit button next to the […]

What page type is best for…?

Staff messages? For any page that will need to look like a letter, message or foreword, an Article will be the best type of page to use. You will be able to select the layout you want to use, then fill the space with text and a photo or two (if you want these). An […]

Why are the pages in the wrong place?

The Page Manager refreshes itself periodically, to ensure it’s up to date. If you make lots of changes to the yearbook’s layout within a short space of time, this can temporarily overload the system, meaning your pages might look a bit jumbled up. This should correct itself very quickly, however if the pages still look […]

How can I change a page’s type?

Once you’ve added a page to the yearbook, you cannot change what type of page it is. If you want to have a page of the same name, but a different type, you’ll need to add the new page and copy all the content over before deleting the original that you no longer want.