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Profile Customisation

There are four sections of the profile pages – Details, About Me, Friends Say and Friends’ Comments. Each of these can be personalised to your exact specification in Settings, under the Profiles tab, or by clicking the Edit button next to the sections’ name from a profile page:

Profiles Settings


The first section is for people to enter a few personal details about themselves. These will be displayed at the top of their profile with their name.

Details Section Profile Page

You can customise the questions available in the Profile settings section:

Edit Profile Details

You can toggle who can see the Details section on someone’s profile – everyone, or just the Editors and the profile owner.

Click Add or Remove to choose the details you want people to choose from. There are a number of preset options available, but you can add your own headings if you’d like:

Add Own Profile Details

Finally, if you would rather not have the details section appear on people’s profiles, you can Remove all the details like this:

Empty Profile Details

About Me

The next section is About Me, where users can answer questions about themselves:

About Me

Some defaults will be active and selectable from the start, but you can customise these in the same place as the Details section:

Profile Settings About Me

As with Details, you can Add and Remove our presets, or create your own questions. The questions you set here will be available to all users, and removing one here will remove it for everyone.

You can opt to disable this section entirely, as well as toggling the privacy in the same way as the Details section.

Another option you can toggle is whether individual users can add Custom Questions to their own profiles or not.

If you allow this, anyone can add their own question to their profile in the About Me section of their profile. ​

Friends Say

The third section of the profile page is Friends Say. Here, users can set open-ended questions, which their friends can answer:

Friends Say

A number of preset options will be active, but you can edit these as well:

Profile Settings Friends Say

As with About Me, this section can be disabled, and the option for individuals to add their own questions toggled on or off.

You can also Add or Remove the presets, and create your own questions too. ​

Friends’ Comments

The final section of the profile page allows for freely written messages to be posted to each other’s profile page:

Friends' Comments

In Settings, you can opt to enable or disable this section, as well as deciding who can see the comments that have been posted:

Friends' Comments Profile Settings

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