Chapter 1: Getting Started

Creating a new yearbook

In this article: Signup up without Facebook Signing up with Facebook Creating a new yearbook If you want to set up a new yearbook, the first thing to do will be to go to From here, you have the option to register with or without connecting to your Facebook account: Signing up without Facebook […]

Joining an existing yearbook

In this article: Joining using an email invitation Joining using a Facebook invite Sign up with the keyword Joining a yearbook If your main editor has already signed up and created the yearbook, then they’ll need to invite you to join it, using either an email invitation, Facebook, or by giving you the yearbook’s keyword. […]

Building and managing your yearbook

In this article: Sections Adding a new section Managing your sections Pages Adding a new page Managing your pages Building your yearbook You can manage and review the layout and structure of your yearbook by using our Page Manager. To access it, click Pages in the left hand sidebar: You can see a thumbnail of […]

Inviting friends

In this article: User Types Email invites Invite Links Checking invite progress Inviting Friends You can invite your friends to join the yearbook from a few different places. Look out for the Invite Friends button on your Dashboard, Welcome page, and the People page. Inviting friends is also an option available when you choose to […]

Setting up polls

In this article: Adding a new Poll Managing your Polls User Suggested Polls Viewing Poll results Polls Polls are a great addition to your yearbook, and worth setting up early on, to ensure that they are available when each person registers. Adding a new Poll To start adding Polls, click Polls in the left sidebar: […]

Tracking everyone’s progress

Tracking Progress Once you have got everyone registered and the book is all set up, you’ll need to keep track of how everyone is progressing. The easiest way to see this will be to go to People from the left hand sidebar: Each person’s profile will have a percentage next to their name that states […]