Previewing the yearbook

What will be printed on my profile?

Text You can select the text that appears on your profile page by clicking the checkboxes next to each line of text on your profile page: Line Counts Each template has an estimated line count to give you a rough guide of how much text you can write. However, this is not 100% accurate – […]

How do I see/choose the cover?

Your front and back covers are the first pages you see in the Page Manager. The preview is only an example of the design that you have chosen – it doesn’t currently show any of the customisations that you have chosen like colour, images, or text, because our design team do that for you by […]

What will my profile look like?

You can see a print preview of your profile page by going to the Print Preview tab on your profile page: There will be a description which says when your preview was last updated, how busy our profile-generating server is, and if there is too much text on your profile. If the preview hasn’t updated […]

How do I put my logo in?

You will need to upload your yearbook’s crest or logo in Settings, under the Book & Cover Design tab: Once you have uploaded a logo our design team will process it and once that has been done you will receive a notification email. From then on, all the pages in your book will display the […]

Can I see a preview of the whole yearbook?

You can request a draft PDF of your yearbook at any time by visiting Book Settings -> View Drafts & Submit, and we will send it to you on the next working day. You can also see a thumbnail preview of the book in Pages, and preview individual pages by clicking on the Print Preview […]