Chapter 3 : Keeping things running smoothly

Getting everyone on board

Once you’ve set your yearbook up, you should be thinking ahead to the end to ensure you can get your books printed on time. 1. Get people started early In our most recent survey of yearbook editors, the thing most often cited as causing issues was that of getting people to fill in their profiles […]

Sharing the work

Yearbook Machine’s system makes it easy to make your book, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Putting together an Editing team to help you create your yearbook will take the pressure off, and result in a better experience for everyone. If you give your team clear roles and responsibilities, and ensure […]

Keeping things nice

Your yearbook should be a pleasure to produce, and fun for everyone to participate in. However, as with any social platform, there is always the possibility that people could add inappropriate or unpleasant content. Yearbook Machine has a number of features in place that help you avoid this and allow total transparency to ensure accountability. […]

Arranging payment

Paying for your yearbooks must always be made in one instalment, before your yearbooks are printed. Because the price of your books is determined by the exact specification of the book, including the number of pages and copies, this means the final price won’t be clear until you’re almost ready to print. Timekeeping To avoid […]